About Us

Who is The Super Investor?

The Super Investor provides prudent investment leadership for people investing in the Australian share market.

Our content is produced by a team of experienced investment professionals led by Marcus Tuck, a highly respected market veteran. Marcus is our Head of Research.

Marcus has held positions such as Head of Equities, Head of Research and Chief Economist and worked at some of the world’s biggest banks including BNP and HSBC.

Our senior team also includes experienced analysts David Boyle and Simon Turner, as well as The Super Investor founder, Bankers Trust alumnus Paul Nojin.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Australian investors with the highest quality investment analysis available anywhere.

We believe the evidence is clear cut that we do indeed succeed in that endeavour.

We are dedicated to your best interests and helping you to achieve your optimum outcomes in the market.

Our Service

The Super Investor provides the following for Members …

The Top 10 … is a model portfolio for Australian investors. The 10 companies are selected using trend, quality and value metrics. The goal is to achieve the optimum risk-adjusted outcomes. All 10 stocks are drawn from the ASX 100. The past results are below.

The Top 30 … is our watchlist of the ASX companies with the best growth prospects and includes primarily smaller companies.

Company reports … the reports provided by our team include both top down and bottom up analysis to give you the best insight possible into the valuation.

Macro reports … our reports provide guidance on the market outlook.

Quant screens … our reports provide objective and proven insights into the best stocks according to various criteria.

Thematic reports … our team features the secular trends with the potential to drive the biggest returns for investors.

Examined & Verified Results

In the 6 years and 2 months from August 2014 to September 2020 our recommended list [The Top 10] has achieved an average annual return of 13.5%. In the same period the All Ords Accumulation index has an average annual return of 5.9%.

Since inception in August 2014 [to September 2020] The Top 10 has gained 112.6% compared to a 38.3% gain in the index.

Our results have been achieved with a responsible and objective approach to investing.

Furthermore, our results are independently examined and verified by the Western Research Institute (WRI), a highly regarded organisation that does work for all levels of government and for Australia’s biggest companies including the Commonwealth Bank.

Past results are not a reliable guide to future results.

Your Guarantee

The Super Investor exists for its Members. Everything we do is dedicated to helping you achieve the optimum outcomes.

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